About us

Automated, Online, Real-time Web Application with Enforced Workflows

We focus on innovation.

GADA Technologies Pty Ltd (GADA) is a technology company specialising in the rapid delivery of enterprise grade online, real-time, web applications with enforced workflows.

Using Enterprise Open Source tools, GADA delivers configurable web solutions that scale, providing our clients enterprise grade solutions…fast!.

Business logic is configured within a Workflow and Rules Engine rather than code, allowing simpler and faster creation, configuration and maintenance of bespoke workflows, with reduced reliance on expensive developers.

Automation of enforced workflow(s) through significant milestones allows for consistent delivery of service(s) that can be tracked in real-time. Automated reporting, notifications, alerts and alarms keeps stakeholders up to date as and when prescribed.

Meet The Team

Gerard Holland

Co-Founder/ CEO

Adam Crow

Co-Founder/ CTO

Domenic Saporito

Co-Founder/ CFO

Bijesh karki

UI/UX Designer

Loris Campannile

Team Lead

Nischal Gautam

Javascript Developer

Conor Pirie

Frontend Developer

Anish Maharjan

Software Developer

Gayatri Raghavan

Software Developer

Byron Andres

Devops Engineer


Software Developer

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